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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My troop

Thank you angel again for the comments and funny drawing.

So the middle one with the glasses must be me, and the lady in purple is my pretty girl subordinate. Hmm, actually i don't usually wear glasses to work, as i wear contact lenses. Nonetheless, it does somewhat resemble the real people in some ways.

Anyway, it's kinda funny thinking about a troop flagging my name. If this does happen, my boss is so gonna freak out.

But then, it would definitely be quite a sight.


oh no! my drawing skill is really bad - it's supposed all of them are your subordinates! i guess i have to practise more and polish up the drawing skill then ....

come to think of it, just like the medieval japanese have the armies stick with such banner, maybe you should implement your "soldiers" to carry your "emblem" as part of loyalty and management program ...

follow up:


Hi anonymous,

Your drawing are good! ym

ym: thanks for the compliment of my humble art! i modified one if you want to write something to "inspire" the blogger too :).


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