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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleeping late

I've been telling myself everyday that i gotta go to bed before midnight, but then everyday i'm still sleeping late. On average, i'm only getting about 5 hours sleep during weekdays.

I have some theories about why i'm being a night owl, but then it doesn't really help by merely theorising it and yet do nothing about it.

Anyway, here are my theories:

  • I've been working late in the office everyday and when i got back to my rented place it's already late too. But i still spend the same amount of time doing whatever crap i'm doing every night after work (don't ask me what crap... frankly, i also don't know), and that's why it kinda push back my bed time too.

  • Subconsciously i wanted to deprive myself of sleep just so that i am tired all the time. In this way, i do not have to stay wide awake in bed thinking of things that i shouldn't be thinking about, and my mind will also not be in the most alert stage during my waking hours so that my ability to feel also diminishes.

  • Subconsciously i'm intentionally causing harm to myself by not getting sufficient rest as a way of slowly committing suicide.
    (Ok, before anyone jumps on this, note that this is just my theory. My conscious mind isn't thinking this, but then who knows what my subconscious mind is doing?).

  • It has become a bad habit.

Whatever it is, i know that it will take conscious effort to stop this behaviour. And of course, lots of will-power and determination too, which is definitely something i'm not very good at.


em~~~~ can't comment b'cos I'm not better than u in this area. But to me most likely is the last reason - It has really became a very bad habit liao! :p

Can't beat you in this - I used to sleep at 1.30 or 2 and woke at 8 so average makes 6 hours. Worse was consecutive 2 - 7.15 for 2, 3 days and ended up slept in MRT during the journey to work that took 1 hr plus. Well, I have my own reasons too - I reached home around 9pm so it makes i have 5 hours doing crap stuffs. And it's dread to think I only have short time for my own enjoyment before I face hell the next day in work. Life is to enjoy to the fullest, and instead sleep which is practically wasting time and cutting short consciousness, i'd rather surf net, participate fb and forums, watch TV and read books. Somehow, my brain automatically programmed that when I saw taskbar shows 2.00am, it's time to bed and if not i can imagine i'll wear down and jeopardize work performance (however, when I'm in something like researching for work or addict to some stuff, then it'll push to 3, 4 am). Overall, it's BAD HABIT.

It is bad not to have sufficient of 7-8 hrs sleep. When you deprived of sleep, you're not in top form of yourself. You might unable to think properly and to perform the best in your work (and prove yourself in career). And you might get sick easily too since your immune system has not enough time to recharge to fight diseases. What's more, you'll sure don't want to get dark circles and scare off your colleagues, customers and boss. You'll probably end up taking nap during journey in public transport which is not good and embarassing.

sigh, how could you link "suicide" with depriving of sleep though you said it's subconsciously :(. You must definitely wrong with this theory! I'm not sure but how do you know yourself it's time to go to bed? Is it because the clock shows 1:30/2am ? Or you continue doing crap stuff until you become unawarely slept? Maybe you should adjust your threshold that 12am is late and time to bed (or adjust +2 hrs on your PC so you subconsciously think it's late). Perhaps you should have your mom to nag you or close friends to remind you "it's 12am and time to bed!" probably it might work, though ..... And cut down coffee might help too.

please take care of your health, which also includes having enough of sleep :)

recycle your old post title " ... not cut(e) out for this" when you sleep little


should use better idea, but, whatever :). hope put a cheer on you.....

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