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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I need fixing

I think i may be having mild depression, for i keep sinking into melancholy mood and having bad thoughts.

I have low energy, am unable to sleep well, being haunted by the past and crying uncontrollably when i'm alone, don't feel like doing anything or meeting people, having irregular eating pattern... and this has actually lasted since last year, but i've been hiding it very well and no one around me really knows about it.

LF asked me to see a counsellor, but i'm not sure what good it would do to me except spending the money away. It isn't as if i have no one to talk to and need a pair of ears. In fact, i don't feel like talking about it and then listen to all the advice on what i should or should not do, because frankly, i know all the theories myself too, but just that i'm not putting it into action.

Sometimes i really don't know which is worse -- not knowing what to do, or knowing what to do but not doing it.

This can't go on. It may get even worse if i don't do anything about it.

Well, at least i still know something isn't right. I'd better get myself fixed before i don't even feel anything is wrong anymore.


Matthew 11:28

I'm quite disagree that seeing a psychologist might don't do any help. just like doctors who some are good, some might be incapable (not to say arrogant too) and prescribes ineffective medicine. if your friend(s) has one "good" psychologist to recommend, why not giving a try. (sarcasm: probably because you "buy" the advice, and it's expensive too, you'll be more disciplined to follow it).

you claim you know all the "theories", but you might "not know" how to put to action and you need someone who is good (friends, families, or ... psychologist) to fill the missing link. don't blame yourself that you knew but you don't do. you just "don't know" to carry out the action, and you need help in this.

please stay healthy+optimistic and always remember you have many good caring people concern you well-being (includes your blog readers too).

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