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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Beauty tips


You are travelling and staying in a hotel room with a mini fridge. It is almost mid-night. You weep and weep and weep until your eyes are all swollen. You still gotta work on the next day and must look your best too. There is no ice in the fridge, and you did not bring along any eye patches either.

So what can you do to make sure the swell on your eyes will subside, so that when you get into the office the next day, no one can tell that you had cried your eyes out the night before?


The cans of soft drinks in the mini fridge is the saviour.

Take the towel or your own shirt to wrap up the chilled soft drink cans. Place it on your eyes for at least 15 minutes. DO NOT rub your eyes at all. This will help to ease the swelling, even though not totally fix it on the spot. Then you go to sleep and stop crying. By the next morning, with the help of a little bit of makeup, you'd look as good as new!

Trust me, it works. I know it, because i've tried this last night.

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oh no, you're still crying again?! why? you gotta stay strong and never let the weak side to overtake you. let the past be lesson and not painful reminiscence that only keeps you back from moving forward.....

When I am lying on the bed, when I am alone in this room and in this house, the memories of all the lies and terrible things that I have discovered come back and haunt me.

How could a person that I trusted so much cheated on me? Why? Why this thing happen to me? How could I treat it as it has never happened before while he told me he has almost forgotten about "it" ?

You are not alone. Life still have to move on. It is not a choice. Yes, I am weak, I have lost my confidence, I am not the sunny person anymore. I am amazed by myself to be able to keep alive, laugh, eat, like normal. But then those terrible memories struck me, it is so painful that I wish I can no longer have any more feeling.

I have no choice, but to figure my way to live on. .. to live on...
and to live on...

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