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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blurry vision

I am like "half blind" now. Everything i see is blurry.

Don't worry, it isn't because i hurt my eyes or what. I left my glasses in JB.

I have medium myopia, with the degree of 600 on my left eye and 550 on my right. Bascially, i can still see without my glasses, but everything is blurry and i gotta have my head really close to the screen to type all these.

Luckily i have a pair a spare glasses in the office. If i remember correctly, it is an old pair of glasses with a lower degree, but it will still be better than having blurry vision.

I've actually wanted to go for LASIK this year, but then it needs proper planning, as i gotta make sure things at work is taken care off before i take leave for the surgery. I was told that the technology has improved so much now that we no longer need to take a week's MC after the surgery, but then i was also told that i gotta be careful of strong external force and dust for the first few weeks. Since i'm taking public transport now, that is also another thing that i gotta consider.

Anyway, i should stop starring at the screen now. Without the glasses, it is really straining my eyes.


chicken egg cake!
I got a shock when reading the first few sentences. :p

eh, what happened to you contact lens? try to ask your boss to foot the bill (or at least subsidize it) cause you worked so hard until your eyes deteriorated.

Sui, that means you do love and care for me. ;)

Anonymous, i still wear contact lens to work, but not at home.

"lung word", of course I care & love u lah~~~ *muak, muak* :p

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