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Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Krisflyer Lounge

... at Changi Airport.

This is the first time i'm in the Silverkris lounge. Compared to the UA lounge that i went to in my last trip, this one is more grand and the food is nicer.

The departure time for my flight is 12.15pm. I'm flying a different route again this time. After the bas experience from the last two trips flying with American airlines, i decided that SIA is still the best. And all the transiting can be really tiring; it's no fun rushing between gates, checking the luggage in and out.

So this time, we are flying directly from SG to Newark. The journey is about 19 hours with no stop in between at all. Then we will change to Continental Airlines for an 1-hour domestic flight from Newark to Philadelphia.

Since i'll be there for two full weeks, i'm bringing two luggage, one checked in and one hand-carry. This time i made sure that i had at least one business outfit packed in the hand-carry luggage, just in case the checked-in luggage goes missing again. I've encountered missing luggage incident for both of my two previous trips to the USA, so i wouldn't be surprised if there's a third -- but of course, i hope not!

Anyway, am travelling with the pretty subordinate again. She has been doing ok so far, even though she was very quiet in most discussions and meetings. I've told her that she would have to speak up and be more vocal about her opinion. After all, she is a consultant, and the one skill that a good consultant must have is to be able to bullshit communicate well.

It's about time to go to the gate. I will do my prayers before the plane takes off.

(I've been missing church for many weeks, and will not be attending too for these three weeks due to travelling.)


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