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Friday, February 12, 2010

At the airport

Am now at KLIA waiting to board the 8.30pm flight back to SG.

I was sleeping in the cab for most of the journey. I heard that the traffic in KL has been very bad for these few weeks due to the festive period, so the cab driver actually arrived earlier than we've asked -- i had planned to leave the office at 5pm, but he was at the door by 4.40pm.

The time spent here has been productive. Got quite a lot done and also got to know my staff better through the dinner.

Yet, all these did not really help pick up my mood. I am still feeling down. I think there is a term for this, you know, this kind of depressive mood that people like me go through during festive seasons... i think it's "holiday blues" or "holiday depression syndrome".

And i'm still feeling tired too. Went to bed late for the past two days and only slept for 4 hours for each night. If i keep on going like this, i'd probably just drop dead one day out of a sudden.

The guys back in SG office told me that there's a surprise awaiting me back in office tomorrow. I heard something like an angpao from big boss. If it really is that, then i hope it's a thick one.

Oh, and by the way, at the back of my mind, i'm still wondering what i should wear for CNY. I'm thinking that i may have the last chance tomorrow to go shopping after work, but then i'm sure there will be lots of people like me too who will be doing last-minute shopping and it's gonna be super crowded at the malls. I hate crowded places, and i never get to buy anything whenever there's a huge crowd. So i guess i shouldn't pin my hope on tomorrow. I'd better have a backup plan.


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