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Monday, February 01, 2010

Back in SG

Am now back in the warm and humid weather in SG.

The flight touched down at 1am due to delay (again!). I'd expect my checked-in luggage to be misplaced again but surprisingly i did get it this time. Finally they did something right for once.

The return flight was more enjoyable despite the delay. The route we took was Philadelphia-Washington-Tokyo-SG. Uh huh, there were two transit in between, but at least we didn't have to take out the luggage in any of the stops.

The first thing i got back to my rented place was to turn on the aircon. It was very cold in the USA and then this change back to hot weather in SG may probably make me sick.

In fact, the constant changing of biological clock alone may be enough to impact my health. One-week trip to the USA is the worst, because it normally takes us about a week to fully adjust our body to the different time zone. So by the time our biological cloak is at US time, it's time to get back home and adjust the biological clock back again. That's why i do not feel sleepy at all now, for it's just afternoon in the USA. I'd still try to get some sleep later, just to start adjusting back to this time zone.

I'll be working from home for Monday, and back to work on Tuesday. Have planned to do some shopping tomorrow for grocery as well as some facial products.

As for what happened for the past one week, i'll have to add it to my backlog of posts. For now, there's something more important for me to blog about.


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