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Thursday, February 11, 2010

These two days

I took this picture from my hotel room on the 19th floor of The Gardens Hotel, and the time was almost 10pm already.

Look at the traffic flowing in and out of Mid Valley!

Anyway, left office today at around 6.30pm. Had originally wanted to have dinner with the little brother colleague, but then decided to go shopping for CNY outfits and told him that we shall have lunch together tomorrow instead. He was so nice and offered to give me a lift back to the hotel, knowing that it was almost impossible to get a cab at around that rush hours.

I walked around Isetan and Robinson in The Gardens and didn't manage to get anything. I guess i didn't have much mood to shop anyway, especially with the crowd.

Uh huh, there are a lot of people like me, who are doing last-minute shopping as well. I had thought of buying some ba gua for the colleagues here, but then there was a long queue at the ba gua shop and so i gave up. In the end, i only went to the Cold Storage to get something for dinner -- a bottle of yogurt drink and a packet of popcorn.

The light dinner was meant to balance out the sumptuous dinner i had yesterday. My team members organised a CNY gathering and asked me along. Since i was their manager, so naturally i should pay for the meal; but i'll claim from the company anyway, so i should say it's company that's paying.

We went to Ding Tai Feng (鼎泰封) for dinner, and had fun chatting and gossiping. Then i brought them for a tour of my hotel room before they returned home, for they said that they would not have a chance to stay in this hotel. I had an enjoyable time last evening, even though i think it would have been more fun if i weren't their boss but just a colleague. It's very obvious that they will still keep a safe distance from me, no matter how good i am to them (or at least i think i am very good to them, but then most of the times the superior and subordinates have different perceptions on things).

Will be going back to SG tomorrow evening. Now that i have not bought any new clothing, i'm wondering what i should wear for CNY.


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