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Sunday, February 21, 2010

All packed

Finally, i'm done packing. I'm all ready to fly off to USA again tomorrow.

Started packing at around 7pm, and minus away the time i took dinner and bath, and some chit-chatting with the landlady and mom, it took me almost 3 hours to pack my stuff.

Why it took me so long? Well, that's because i gotta figure out what to wear on each day, and the outfits are not those i'd normally wear to work. I don't have that many office attires that are fit for winter, so i gotta wear multi-layered of clothes to make sure i'm warm enough for the cold weather there. Hence i was mixing and matching my clothes and trying them out. Hey, gotta look good, you know.

Am feeling very down lately. It's probably due to extreme exhaustion as well. When our body is weak, we tend to feel depressed too. LF once told me that this is our body's way of conserving energy, because when we feel depressed, we would tend to wanna stay in bed or don't feel like moving about, and that will help to conserve and even restore the energy in our body. I think that's a very interesting theory.

Anyway, as i am too down and tired to do anything, i don't even feel like blogging. The backlog for my blog posts is piling up, and that prompted me to even consider if i should stop blogging altogether. Well, i guess it's not so much of losing the passion to write, but more about losing the passion for everything, or rather, for life in general. Everything just seems meaningless to me, even life itself.

Don't worry, i'm not having suicidal thoughts, at least not yet. It's just one of the cycles that i'm going through again, but just that this time the depressed cycle seems to have lasted a bit longer than usual. Perhaps the trip to USA will do me good, just like the trip last year.

See, that's when i'm being reminded again of how God loves me. HIS timing is always perfect.


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