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Friday, February 19, 2010

Lousy CNY

Did not go in to the office for these two days.

Yet, i've been working past mid-night since Tuesday.

Uh huh, i'm still rushing for the work for the Americans. Have been doing it all day for these three days, working more than 12 hours everyday even though at "home", but i still can't finish it by today.

Tomorrow is the last day that i must complete everything and send to the Americans. My subordinate (the pretty gal who went with me to USA on the last trip) was on leave for the entire week, but she still gotta work from home and deliver the work to me for review by today as well.

I pity her, but then this is work, and who is there to pity me? Gosh, why am i starting to sound like an unreasonable boss??!!

This is indeed a super lousy CNY for me. All the sorrow aside, the workload is killing me too!

Oh man, why is life so tough?

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sigh~~~ that's life.
Just hope that tomorrow will be better.
I'll cherish my last 2days holiday too.
Will start work on Monday, but need to finalised all the report on Sunday, hope all can be done within one day.
A bit like those school time, will only rush for homework b4 school start :p

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