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Cogito ergo scribo

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So we entered the year of tiger, with the sound of firecrackers bursting through the otherwise silent mid-night. It's half-an-hour past mid-night already and the noise doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, and to think that firecrackers were supposed to be banned in Malaysia!

Today is double happiness for many people -- Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Sadly, it was somewhat double sorrow for me, and it's triple sorrow for the close friend because it was her birthday too. I guess everyone gotta experience the worst birthday, the worst Valentine's and the worst New Year at least once in the lifetime, but just so happened that for certain people, all these occassions simply fall on the same day and make it the worst of the worst. Well, life is such, what can i say.

Anyway, putting aside how i feel, i wish everyone a blissful Year of Tiger and also a Valentine's Day that is filled with love!

Have a great one.


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