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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Short CNY break

So the CNY holiday ended just like that. In fact, it ended earlier for me.

I returned to SG today in the morning because mom wanted to beat the traffic at the Causeway. I was back to my rented place by 2pm and then started working in the late afternoon.

Have been working since then. I'm only taking a breather now to do a quick post. I still have quite a lot to work on, which basically means that it may be another late night for me.

The Americans sent an email to me with my boss in copy, rushing us to send them the test scripts. The user testing starts on Wednesday and they want the first test script ASAP.

Strictly speaking, it is really bad to have the test script ready only the day before the testing starts, so they weren't wrong in rushing us. What's wrong is the timing -- it's CNY holiday at this part of the world. It really sucks to have to work during CNY period. They just have to imagine how they'd feel if they were asked to work over the Christmas and New Year period. But then, it's their project after all, and they are under no obligation to accommodate the Asian holidays and affect the project timeline.

Anyway, now it's the time when i really appreciate the vast difference in time zone. With 13 hours behind our time, i have more leeway in rushing for the work.

Ah, i forgot if i've mentioned that my trip to the USA has been postponed. I was rather fed-up when i was told to leave for USA on the 3rd day of CNY, which means that i'd have been on the plane now.

Then during last trip, the Americans agreed to move the time of user testing and now we can be there a bit later, even though it's still CNY period. Now i will be departing on this Sunday instead.

I'll see if i have the time and/or mood to blog about my super boring CNY. Gotta get back to work for now!


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