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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Packed again

I'll be flying off to BKK tomorrow morning and will be back on Wednesday.

Yes, if you are wondering in your mind, "What? Going to BKK at time like this?", please know that i'm forced to go due to work.

We are having the annual Asia Conference in BKK on next Monday and Tuesday. The planning started at the end of last year, and when i got to know about the conference venue, i was already wondering if that was a prudent choice.

Thailand has been having political instability for a few years already. Even though there has not been any major bloodshed event despite several demonstrations, we should never discount the possibility that there may be unrest or danger, considering there are two great forces fighting against each other in the kingdom.

Yet, our management actually chose such place for the conference venue! This shows how lack of foresight our management is. I believe the management is being cost conscious for not choosing SG even though there is where the regional office is located, but we always have other choices that are equally cheap, such as China. Seriously, i do not know what were they thinking.

Anyway, we were told not to wear red or yellow. My wardrobe is filled with the colours black, white, blue and grey, so it isn't really a concern to me. We were also told to stay in the hotel and not to go around. That's good actually. I am too tired and low in spirit to go anywhere anyway.


take care.

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