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Friday, March 12, 2010

Down and frustrated

I know i have not been blogging as regularly as i've wanted.

Besides being physically fatigue and busy at work, my mood is still down, so much so that i don't really feel like doing anything much, not even writing.

This is no good, i know. It is very much like a sign of depression, i know.

It's just that i've been reminded recently that it has been a year since my beloved fell for another and hence the end of my fairy tale love story. I'm not sure if that was why i've been having exceptionally low spirit.

Or maybe it's simply because the situation at work is giving me lots of frustration and hence it adds on to my unhappiness.

Anyway, i thought about this after several upsetting moments at work: Aim for perfection and you will not be too far away even if you fall short; aim for mediocrity then you will always be a second-rater or worse.

How i hope everyone can have the same attitude and always do the best they can.


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