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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Back in SG

After almost 19-hour of flight, the plane touched down this morning at 6.45am. I've not slept since then.

I did get a few hours of sleep on board, but long-haul flight is always tiring. After i got back to my rented place, i kept myself awake by working instead of letting myself falling asleep. Hopefully this will help to overcome the jet lag effect.

Talking about the flight, the route was from Newark direct back to SG and it was a SIA flight with only business class (about 100 seats only). Yet, i was very fed-up with one of the the air stewardess. She had this very sian attitude and was rather impolite towards me. I couldn't say she was exactly rude, but then this is the third time i took SIA business class and the flight attendants have always been very polite and provide excellent service. After all, a return ticket on SIA business class cost more than SGD10K. It isn't cheap, so it's not too much to expect a good service.

This time, that air stewardess is the worst i've encountered so far for SIA business class. I could feel the outright coldness, as if she was extremely not interested and unhappy in serving me. I suspect it was because i am a "young" Chinese lady and she feels resentful about it. Why i think that is because i saw her attitude towards those angmo was different. I really abhor this kind of person.

Anyway, it was a hot day today. The temperature was 35C and i was stuck in my rented room for the entire day, without aircon (i don't switch on the aircon in the day). It was a huge contrast for me, considering i'm just back from a place with below zero degree Celsius. As if that wasn't enough, the two little girls shouting at the maid, and the landlady shouting at the girls and scolding the maid only further worsened my already melancholy mood. Maybe i really should move out of here. It's not good for me, as with my current state of mind, what i really need is peace and quiet, which i couldn't really get it when i'm here.

Will be working from "home" tomorrow, so i still have one day to adjust my biological clock.


yes, I do agree with you that you need a quiet place, a condusive space that is not too lonely, but not too noisy either.

I can't imagine children running around and screaming for hours when I am very depressed.

Have you ever consider to move back and buy a car to comute everyday? You mum do give you space at home yet at the same time provide home cook meal for you.

Welcome back! ym

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