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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stopped playing games

Here's what i wrote on Facebook today:

No kidding. I've stopped playing all Facebook games, and it's just an overnight thing!

At one point of time, i was so addicted to the games that i would actually stay up late into the night just to finish the tasks in the games (such as harvesting the plants, or feeding my pets), even when i was very sleepy. I was also playing almost 10 games at that time, and the bookmarks on my Facebook were all games.

Then all of the sudden, a few days ago, i just felt totally sianz about all these. I just found it pointless -- uh huh, i know these games are pointless from the very start, just that it didn't really get to me, or rather, i didn't seem to care at that time. But now, i guess it's time to get back to a more normal life.

So, i just stopped playing, instantly, didn't even bother to "say goodbye" (such as playing for the one last time). I deleted all the bookmarks of the games and ignored all the gift requests from friends.

Seriously, i'm amazed at myself, to be able to kick an addiction at a snap of the fingers.

How i wish i can have the same kind of will-power when it comes to dealing with the matter of the heart. Sigh...

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how could you manage to quit farmville...

Haha! sure or not? lasted for how long already?
However, it's a good start.
All those games are really wasting time leh! :p
加油! 坚持!

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