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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy food

Here's my dinner today:

Uh huh, two doughnuts, one with strawberry filling and one of green tea flavour.

Those who know me should know that i call doughnuts happy food. Yes, fattening and unhealthy, but it makes you happy because it is sweet. Anything sweet supposedly makes people happy.

And when i need happy food, it means that i am really unhappy.

But it didn't help this time. Not even a bit.


Isn't the donut in the bottom right infested with mold? oh wait, was that just my imagination ...

Very funny.... haha, you actually managed to make me laugh.

Thanks for that, especially after a bad day. :)

P/S. this "moldy" doughnut actually tasted good! :P

If you only show the first picture, I thought you were going to torture yourself by stuffing with lots of doughnuts aka carbicide. But it's also bad to eat little and without other nutrients. Come to think of it, why the shop being so inefficient (and unenvironmental) to use 2 big bags to fill in 2 "small" breads.

my dear, how come u took photos like this one? especially the 2nd pics, it looks so disgusting leh! make me think of something else! :p

Anonymous, i think the shop personnel wanna keep the dougnuts intact and that was why they did not put two dougnuts into one bags. And they seemed to only have one size of bags.

Sui, that was my lazy and quick way of taking puctures, so that i could quickly eat the doughnuts right after i snapped the shots. Yeah, i know, i know, you are gonna say the green tea powder on the second doughnut look like worms, right?

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