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Monday, March 29, 2010

Grandma is sick

Aunt brought grandma to see a doctor last week, and the doctor told us that a few parts of grandma's bones were infected with bacteria. It should be very painful, but grandma has not been complaining at all. When we asked her if it was painful, she only said, "a little bit."

Grandma has to get some injection into her bone through her hand everyday for a week. Then a week later the doctor will check again to see if that clears away the bacteria. If not, she would have to undergo surgery.

We are all very worried because we are not sure if an old lady of 92 years old can withstand any medical operation at all. But if the infection carries on, it will only worsen her health and it would be very painful too. Either way seems to be suffering for her.

I am very sad.


Let's pray together.

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