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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Grandma fell

Mom just informed me that grandma fell down last night.

Aunt brought grandma back to hospital for check-up and the nurse noticed my grandma's face seemed to have bruises and was swollen (i'm not sure why aunt didn't notice it at all. She probably didn't look at grandma's face at all). Aunt then asked grandma if she has fallen down and that was only when grandma told aunt that she fell down in the middle of the night in the toilet.

It is hard to imagine how a 92 year-old lady got back on her own after fell down, and even harder to imagine is that she actually did not utter a word about it and simply suffered in silence!

Well, i've suspected that grandma's physical senses may have deteriorated with age. She may not be able to experience strong physically feeling of pain anymore and hence a lot of times she would not tell us anything even for illness or injury that would have caused great pain to normal people.

This is actually not good. Pain is a protection mechanism whereby our brain is alerting us that we should do something to prevent further damage to our body. If grandma indeed couldn't feel the pain as much as before already, then she may not know that something seriously damaging is happening and we may not be in time to heal it.

But then, this afternoon grandma started complaining about the pain and had to take painkillers. She can't walk now because it is too painful.

I am really sad to know that my dear grandma has to suffer the pain at this old age. I guess there's nothing we can do but to pray that God can have mercy on her and ease her pain.

It has been a bad day for me. I just want to go to bed now and not think about anything anymore.


i'm not doctor, but painkillers might be detrimental for old people, especially if it mixes with other medicines. Consult doctors if the painkillers are okay. Try to be more attentive of her activities and physical changes no matter how trivial of it.

sigh~~ old ppl need more care. My granny also fell last 2 weeks, luckily it's ok.
What I'm angry is when my mum call my uncle to find out her situation, my uncle blame my mum for not always visiting her. Din he know she's one of the causes to my mum's problem? furthermore, she's going to meet her the next day anyway if it's not serious.
My mum also old liao ok?
Not only his mum is old.
I also hate to see my mum not happy, ok?
Haha! Sorry to grumble on ur blog. But really need to release. Who ask you to be my friend leh! :p

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