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Saturday, April 03, 2010

What a day

I was back to JB home at around 10pm. And my flight was actually scheduled to depart KL at 7.20pm.

Uh huh, there was a flight delay for more than an hour!

All passengers were already on board the plane and the door was already closed. The plane has even taxied towards the runway and then it stopped for quite a while. Initially i thought the runway was busy and hence gotta wait for the air traffic to clear. Then after about half-an-hour later, the pilot announced that there was some technical problems with the plane and the it had to return to the terminal for the technicians to fix the problems. All passengers were to remain in the seats and wait for announcement again.

I was rather amazed that they actually told the passengers that the plane has problem and they would fix it and then take off once it's done. It was as if fixing a car or something very simple, you know, the car doesn't run and then you just tune something here and there, and then off you go. But then we are talking about flying here, where there is absolutely no room for error because any little thing that goes wrong may mean high fatality.

Frankly, i wasn't worried at all. It wasn't because i had full confidence in MAS technicians; rather, it was because i couldn't care less. Yes, frankly i don't really care if i'm dead or alive now. In fact, i've often thought that maybe i'm better off being dead sometimes.

But then i'm not gonna discuss about my state of mind in this post. This is about my journey back from KL to JB.

And so they fixed it. After more than an hour of delay, the flight finally took off and i reached Senai Airport at around 9.20pm.

For those who have been to Senai Airport recently, you should know that construction is in progress and hence there is this long walkway from the arrival hall to the pickup area. Mom couldn't pick me up today and so i gotta take a cab home. With a heavy bag on my shoulder (due to the laptop) and dragging my luggage, i walked to the pickup area and went to the taxi counter.

As i opened my wallet to pay for the fare, i realised i only have RM10 left, and the fare was RM44. They do not accept credit card and the ATM is back at the arrival hall. So i gotta drag the luggage and carrying my heavy bag all the way back to the hall, withdraw some money from the ATM, and then again walked back to the counter to pay for the taxi fare.

Finally, after much ado, i got home safe and sound, but totally bushed.


life is not only about yrself (and it's selfish to assume this way). it also concerns ppl around u like yr mom, aunt, unc, grandmom and closed friends. it's easy for one to say it's useless to stay alive so better off to be dead, but think of what will this be to other ppl who cares for u? also such pessimism would be “victory” to those nasty ppl and enemy who betrayed, taunted, badmouthed u.
PLEASE never let yrself to have this “I’m useless” thought again...
btw, try to have early sleep (u blogged at 1am!) than drifting to melancholy mood. The fresh tomorrow day may douse all the unhappiness (or pick up jogging with yr friends so u’ll be so tired to reminisce the past).


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