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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The past (long) weekend

I was working in KL on Good Friday but it was supposed to be a Public Holiday in SG. Hence i took the replacement time-off today. So it was a long weekend for me.

Had a "date" with Sui on Saturday. Two of us went to karaoke, dinner and then shopping. It has been quite a while since i went out with a good friend and i had an enjoyable day.

On Sunday, our church had the Easter service and we had Singapore artiste Hagen Tan (陈孟奇) as special guest. He performed a few songs and shared his testimony on how knowing God had changed his life and his family. But what i liked best of the entire service was the sermon given by a guest pastor. He said that while we celebrate Easter for the Resurrection of Jesus, we should also take it as our own resurrection, whereby the past is behind us and we are given a new life. It is about hope and a new beginning. The message really struck me, and i asked myself when my Easter will come.

Today i stayed at home and did some work. Mom sent me in to SG after 5pm (so that we didn't have to pay the toll of SGD30). I spent the evening tidying up my room and rested for a while. Am feeling exhausted all the time, and i'm not sure if this is one of the symptoms of depression.

Anyway, lots of work awaiting me and it's gonna be a hectic week ahead.


not tend to make fun of you ... hope such drawing will cheer you up.

forgot the link


oh no! forgot to add spectacles......

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