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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grandma's condition

Took this picture of myself about two hours ago.

I don't normally do this self portrait thing, but thought that a photo of myself with the mask on would go well with this post.

I'm having mild runny nose and coughing, even though the sore throat has subsided. So technically i'm still having a flu.

No, i didn't wear the mask to work today. I wore it when visiting grandma.

Grandma is now staying with my 2nd aunt, and the other aunts would go there and take care of her. She was hospitalised a few days back, but now is back at my aunt's place.

On one of the days that the nurse came to give grandma a jab, the nurse felt something wasn't right with grandma and suggested to my aunts that we'd better bring her to the hospital. Then it was discovered that there were some problems with her gall bladder and she's also having hypokalemia (low blood potassium). The doctor also told aunts that grandma is having degeneration of brain cells, and that explains why she hasn't been able to tell whether it is day or night recently.

Grandma is now wheelchair-bound after the fall. The medical shots were also making her dizzy all the time. Now we gotta let her wear adult diapers, as she can't go to the toilet by herself anymore, and she is also having both urinary and fecal incontinence. My aunts have to clean up her urine and feces everyday.

Today my SG aunt came in to JB with us. She just returned from a week-long of church missionary work from China. She is also having a flu. So my mom, SG aunt and i went to my 2nd aunt's home to visit grandma, all wearing masks, as if we are robbers. We didn't wanna pass the flu to grandma, whose immunity should be quite low now.

When we visited her, she was lying on bed, after my aunts had changed her diaper. She wasn't asleep yet, but just lied there in a daze. Some parts of her face are still swollen from the fall. We prayed beside her, asking God to ease her pain. Grandma said "Amen" too after the prayers.

I'm very sad to see grandma in this condition. I've always thought i'd see grandma becoming a centenarian, but now i fear that it may not happen anymore. If it is about time for grandma to go home to God, then i really hope that she can go without any sufferings.

But what i really hope is for grandma to stay healthy and be with us for a lot more years.


Hope your grandma can get well soon.


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