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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just checked in to the hotel at around 8.45pm. Had a conference call with Libya from 5.30pm to 8.15pm! I hate long meetings.

Then went to grab something for my dinner:

(I didn't buy the banana. It was in the complementary fruit basket from the hotel)

Only after i got back to the room then i realised that there is no bottle opener. I wasn't strong enough to open the bottle cap with my bare hand, so i gotta improvise, yet again.

So i used this:

How i did it? Well, you gotta use your imagination to figure it out.

On an unrelated note, this morning on the JB-to-KL flight, i think i saw a famous Malaysian blogger on the same flight as me, but i'm not too sure. At first glance, i thought it was him and i even thought about approaching him to say hi. Then when the plane has touched down, i looked at him again and wondered if it was indeed him.

First of all, it was rather strange for this blogger who came from east Malaysia to be on board a flight from JB to KL. I mean, what the heck would he be doing in JB at such early morning? Furthermore, i know that he was rather chubby, but i'd have thought he should be taller. The guy i saw seemed short.

Anyway, in the end i didn't do anything, as i wouldn't wanna embarrassed myself -- whether it was him or not, it would still be embarrassing to harass a stranger out of nothing.


i thought of going to use teeth, oh wait, there's still knife...

btw, who's that east malaysian blogger? i thought you are more famous than him. maybe he should come to you for shakehand and autograph instead :)....

You must be kidding if you do not know who that person is. He's even considered a celebrity. I am no where near him at all! -- I mean the fame as a blogger, not the weight. :P

(But i really am not sure if it was him or not)

yeah yeah, i know him (and he doesn't know me :(). i just want to cheer you up, hope you don't (really) mind about it.

the blogger almost win 100k but ends up rm100 in a tv game show last time.

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