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Monday, May 03, 2010

The past weekend

It had been a hectic week, with work after work being dumped on me. I dread returning to work tomorrow, knowing that it's gonna be another crazy week ahead.

Whenever i am in a foul mood, my colleague would have KFC for lunch with me. Then last Friday, we decided to have chicken for lunch again -- not fried chicken but curry chicken. We then stuffed ourselves silly with a bowl of curry chicken and a big bowl of rice, followed by a plate of ice kacang. I was so full that i gotta took my laptop to the pantry and then stood there while working for almost an hour.

In the evening, my aunt, my landlady and her two girls, and three of my aunt's friends went in to JB with us. Fortunately mom drives a Avanza and hence could accommodate so many people in the car. They went in to JB to attend a series of prayer sessions organised by my church, with guests from the Chinese Christian Prayer Mountain (CCPM) of Taiwan. There was one session held on Friday 7pm and another one on Saturday 5am.

Not sure why but the traffic at both checkpoints were rather congested on the previous Friday. We went by the 2nd Link and was stuck in the jam for about 2 hours. As everyone was rushing from work to reach my rented place in time, all of us forgot to bring bottles of water. They then said that they must remember to buy bottled water when they reached JB, as they would like to bring the water to the prayer sessions.

By the time we reached JB, it was 9pm+. Since it was already too late to join the session, we decided to go for supper instead. Well, with all the Singaporeans around, you should be able to imagine how much food they ordered. Again, i stuffed myself silly and felt very bad for eating so much within a single day.

After supper, we went to Mr. Sotong (a shop that sells tidbits) and bought some tidbits (for them to bring back to Singapore and not for eating on that night, as we were really stuffed). All these aunties joked around with the boss and a few of them even bought chewing gums and asked me to bring back for them. Then, before we left the shop, without us even asking, the boss actually asked his employee to get bottled water for us each as free gift (7 bottles)!

We found it amazing, as we had talked about buying the water when we were in the car. Aunt told us that this is how God works; He will provide for what we need in the most wondrous way.

All of them spent the night at my home, sleeping on the sofa and the floor. On Saturday, they (including mom) woke up at 4am+ and attended the morning prayer, while i slept past noon. The heat was so bad that i had migraine for the entire Saturday.

This morning, i went with mom to attend the Chinese service at the church because there was special event for Mother's Day. The sermon was given by the old Reverend from Taiwan, who is the founder of CCPM.

After the Sunday service, mom and i had dinner and then headed back to SG. We wanted to leave early to beat the traffic. Indeed, the traffic at 2nd Link was smooth and reached my rented place even before 4pm.

We then went to Compass Point to buy some groceries. Since mom was around, and she has been looking for a necklace with cross pendant, i brought her to one of the jewelry shop and got her one made of white gold. It cost about SGD300, and i told her that it was my gift to her for Mother's Day as well as for her baptism.

Uh huh, mom is gonna be baptised in June, when she would be going to Desaru for the family camp organised by the church. I did not sign up for it, as i'm not sure of my travelling schedule yet, but i know mom would like me to go so that i can witness her baptism ceremony.

So that was how i spent the last weekend, nothing really out of the ordinary.

And to end it, i had self-cooked edamame for dinner - but the "cooking" only involved boiling the soybeans in water for 5 min.

I like edamame, and it's healthy food.


all the best your tomorrow work day (especially start of May)!

This kind of weekend is not bad mah! it's better than sleeping, watching TV, surfing net for 2 days. :p
And, I LOVE edamame too, I'll always make sure there's a packet in my friedge, so will be able to eat whenever I feel like eating.

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