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Friday, April 30, 2010


Left office at around 10.30pm, and am now in the cab heading "home".

Tell me why a person who is drawing consultant's pay gotta work for at least 12 hours everday and being loaded with managerial responsibilities?

I'm tired and disgruntled -- and that translated to what we called "sian".

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i thought sian is "boring".

sigh, i also several times worked until 9+ and the last one to sign out security alarm. and reached home 10+ because i took mrt+2xbus (i was shy to ask frequent taxi claims). and i was really frustrated about it because I had to do all the work alone, and sometimes to fix my colleague's mess before to submit to my counterpart. (and i drag for my own personal things until 2am because i don't intend to waste my life for work, and dread tomorrow morning). as consolation, I learn new tricks, do things more efficiently and earn respect from colleagues and my counterpart (but still draw meagre pay :().

you have blog to rant all out to de-stress :). Maybe after this "buzy" period, you'd come out stronger, better and skillful manager, and then you can use it for better bargaining chip with your boss too (by the way, is your boss reading this blog?).

hi! Go spend $$ with your mom, your friends, indulge yourself with good food, dress, entertainment, gadgets, etc. You will feel good !

Angel, to us, "sian" means different thing in different context. If can mean boring, or it can mean a low-spirited state of mind. Well, at least we always use it that way. ;)

ym, so i heed your advice and spent some money on my mom today. I'm not sure if i indeed feel any better, but mom sure seemed happy, and i guess that ought to make me happy too. Next, should be time to pamper myself a bit...

wanted to put this 2 weeks ago, but somehow missed the ETA...


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