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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Salary increment 2010

Boss came to SG today and handed the letter of pay increment to us. Of course, it was accompanied with lots of talk, you know, the same old tune -- how he fought for a high increment for us amidst the frozen or low increment, how the company and all the top management value me, how i am well-known and well-liked among all the business users as well as the management, how my merit would translate to his as well, bla bla bla... it felt a bit like a rerun of an old drama episode.

As for the increment, well, as expected, both the IT Manager and i got a "high single digit" increment.

Strange enough, i have no feeling about this at all -- no happiness nor unhappiness. I am not sure how this indifference came about. Perhaps it's because i've more or less expected it; perhaps it's because even after the increment i'm still underpaid by the market standard; perhaps it's because money has never really been a motivational factor in my life, especially more so now. Frankly, i really do not know why.

Anyway, more money is always welcomed. It means i can now pamper myself a little bit more.

Oh, and our department is having a little crisis now. Boss is going to KL tomorrow evening for crisis management -- two of our staff in ex-little boss's team had tendered their resignation, and boss is going to KL, trying to change their minds.

This kinda held back my little brother colleague, who told me that he was still contemplating about his future over the weekend. On one hand, he felt bad to resign now, not wanting to add more problems unto ex-little boss. On the other, he's worried that all the workload will be on his shoulders once the other two leave, and he would be even more demoralised than he already is.

My only advice to him was to talk to his superior, i.e. my ex-little boss. I felt bad for ex-little boss, yet i also felt that little brother has every right to act for his own good, for i doubt the company will appreciate his kind-heartedness in withholding his resignation to prevent the collapse of the entire team. So i told him to at least give ex-little boss a heads up, and then after that he will be free to do whatever he wants without feeling guilty.

See, the thing is this -- bosses will always act only when the staff resign. They do not take the situation seriously before things happen, and only react when things have already gotten out-of-hand. Now, no amount of pep talks or team building activities can help anymore. It's similar to the programmer from my team who had resigned; i've already told boss about my team members' unhappiness of having bad remarks thrown at him, and boss didn't do anything about it until the programmer threw in the towel.

Oh well, i guess this is part and parcel of our working life -- there are always hellos and goodbyes, whether we are the one at the receiving end, or the one who's giving it.


sometimes boss has done something us that he it was not made known to the employees...

CONGRATULATIONS on your increment (though you have expected it)! To think myself have been bypassed for promotion, increment only SGD100 ( 3.1%) and best part of all i missed my 2 months bonus just weeks away, compensated for early notice, worked diligently until 9pm after tendered to clear all the fire, and went for company with lower pay! It's really heartache and stupid to think i have made such decision. maybe i belittled money, but .... sigh, that's life. bosses always are like this, at least in my ex-company. Though the mood looking for other job is high and lunchtalk favourite topic, they'd rather choose to be quiet instead, probably they themselves too are looking for one. even one of the bosses have quoted (according to my colleague) "the door is always open for you" - to leave. coupled with "i got money, i can easy take in new people", how'd you expect staff like us to approach boss to bare our grievance. i can't imagine i would walk to my boss and tell him "boss, if i found a job, i'd certainly leave. you better do something before it's too late!". if only i had boss who is openness, talented like you (like what you expressed in your blog), i'd be really blessed :). a boss who approaches me when i'm feeling down (but not when customer complains or project got into problem), asks me for tea time to destress and buys me coffee, a boss i can rely on practically whether it's personal or work instead of series of nonsensical lectures.
i'm not familiar with IT job market (i;m contemplating to switch field), but it's always rule of thumb, at least in SG to have a job first before throwing letter. maybe that's also because of my confidence diminishes after being turned down so many times by companies. sometimes in corporate, there's no need of being feel guilty, especially if the boss doesn't deserve it. if he really cares, he should really gotta do something about it. he knows it's gonna happen by observing the mood and listening to the rumors. a good boss is always preemptive and gain their subordinate respect. depending how to put it, your friend can use the crisis as opportunity to learn more things, and at the same time gaining his boss trust and better career in company. it's naive, but it's better than to leave without any "insurance", though.

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