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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Waiting in the morning

I am now lying in bed, waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. In case you are wondering, there are two bathrooms at my rented place, one is the common bathroom and the other one is attached to my landlady's master bedroom.

Yet, there are 4 adults and 2 kids in this house, and we all are sharing the common bathroom, because my landlady wanna save cost.

Uh huh, she feels that there aren't really a lot of people in this house (huh?!) and there isn't a need to use both bathrooms and then both have to be cleaned and maintain frequently. Now that only one is actively in use, the maid only needs to upkeep one frequently and that is one way to save water.

Well, while I totally understand her point of view, and may even applaud her for contributing to the effort of environmental protection (even though that wasn't her intention), I do feel the inconvenience sometimes, especially in the morning.

I set my alarm to go off at 6.15am every morning, but of course I never get up promptly right after the alarm goes off. I'd lie in bed until 6.45am. Then I'd make breakfast and coffee for bringing to the office (I take breakfast after I reach office). That would take me about 10 min and I'd take bath after that.

That's when the inconvenience comes in. My landlady would be taking bath too at this time, and I'd have to wait for my turn, basically wasting the limited time I have in th morning. This also means that I'd reach office about 15min later too.

I guess the only solution is for me to wake up earlier, i.e. to sleep earlier and cut down the time I lie in bed after the alarm goes off.


that's quite a peculiar way to save water bill, though i aware SG has high water rates (pardon my insolence). it's like having 2 lines running in production, you'll use same amount of raw material and electricity but shorter time. in fact, even if it's 1 line is not running, you need to maintain the machine too, but not as frequent as the regular one. did the landlady experiment this before concluding the higher cost (and worth for the inconveniency)? if the bathroom is used, at least there is still water splash depending the user to maintain it clean. in my opinion, the one that eats up most is automatic washing machine when it everytime drains out water for rinsing (and does your landlady recycle the water for washing the bathrooms?).

maybe you should prepare your breakfast the night before you go to bed (and you earn 10 minutes extra). no wonder you disagree with your boss to follow book to be in office by 830.

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