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Friday, May 07, 2010

Working late night again

In the cab now, heading back to my rented place.

Uh huh, another late night again. For two consecutive work weeks, I've not been leaving the office earlier than 8pm. Today is probably record-breaking since I joined this company.

Have not had dinner yet. Do not feel hungry, probably because I'm too tired.

I must knock off on time tomorrow, as I intend to go shopping for a farewell gift for the programmer, but I'm not sure where to get the gift.

Hmm, wonder if I should eat something later at all, or just go to bed empty stomach...

today i left 9.00pm, still can't beat you...

you should get something instead of going to bed empty stomach.

by the way, you're such a nice boss. all i got when i resigned and cleared all the problems was just a farewell lunch. i hope you can still maintain as friend with the programmer and freely to discuss technical as well as personal things (like his opinion on the company so you can improve the situation and be better boss).

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