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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At Sunway

I only have a very short time for this post.

Am in KL again for this week. As usual, took the morning flight from Senai.

It's gonna be a hectic week because we are in-charge of a workshop that involves all the finance directors, managers and key users from around the Asian countries that use NAV systems currently.

It's gonna be a 2.5 days workshop that starts on Wednesday and ends at Friday afternoon. We are still rushing for the slides and presentation materials. I guess it's gonna be a late night for me again.

The workshop is gonna be held at Sunway Pyramid, and hence i'm staying at Sunway Tower Hotel this week. It's an old hotel, and i of course like The Gardens a lot better.

Anyway, back to work now.


wow. all the best for your presentation, you can do it! go go go!

a bit rush drawing this, all your best for tommorow day - http://www.kimag.es/share/90350555.jpg

As a perfectionism, can imagine how well done will be your presentation.
Haha! I have to find time to learn how to do a well presentation from you lah! My marketing manager complain my presentation oh! :(

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