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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The dream team has done it again

I had great fun yesterday. It has been quite a while since i enjoyed a day so much!

I will not blog about the treasure hunt today, as i'd do it after i've scanned the clues to put up in this blog.

I will, however, brag about it now first.

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause please for our achievement.

Ok, in case you can't see the words on the trophy clearly, here it is:

Uh huh, our team was the 1st runner up, i.e. the 2nd prize! Woohoo!

Beside a trophy for each of the team member (4 altogether), there was also a cash prize of RM700. (The 1st prize is RM1k)

After deducted the expenses such as petrol, toll and meals, i still pocketed a net amount of RM144. That's not too bad for a day of fun, even though i was dead beat after that.

The noteworthy part is that we have improved one place from the previous treasure hunt, with the same team members and the same treasure hunt organiser (i.e. i mean the group who was hired to plan and organise the treasure hunt, and not the organisation who held the event, which is Lions Club).

From now on, i will call ourselves the dream team. This will replace the previous team i had, as i believe it is very unlikely for Carol and KT to join us on any of the treasure hunt again because of their new baby, and 贝 does not exist anymore.

Hopefully the next time our dream team can become the champion.

Oh, and thanks Angel for the well wishes. I guess it worked!


nice nice !! congratulations! (i wanna give applause but don't know how with text :( ) oops, i missed 1 person, sorry for that.

see, if you put your best into something, you sure can accomplish it, because you are pinpin! keep it up, gal! all the best! hip hip hooray :)

Aiyo! So I'm really old liao! I always tot we r 2nd place last time leh! (malu)
Ya, I also enjoy it very much, although I'm having fever and terrible headache on Monday, and have to take leave to rest for 1/2 day. I'll still go for it again next time.
My friend told me they are organising another one in Jul10, ending with seafood in Penggerang leh! How? :p

And, Pin's angel, thanks. Your drawing really bring us luck yoh!

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