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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beginning of long weekend

After a week's of hard work, finally it's the long weekend that i've been looking forward to.

Will be on leave for Monday and Tuesday, then will go to KL again for Wednesday and Thursday, and it's another long weekend again.

I've already had several activities planned. Am going to participate in a treasure hunt on Sunday, with Sui and her friends. I'll attend the briefing tomorrow with Sui and more details will be known by then.

On next Monday, i'll have to renew my passport. It's gonna expire in November and that leaves me less than 6 months, which means that i will not be able to travel overseas anymore. In fact, last week when i was going back to SG, the officer at the Malaysian checkpoint already pointed it out to me.

After i get the passport renewed, i'll have to go in to SG on Tuesday to get the PR stamp on the new passport. Hope i can get that done on early Tuesday so that i don't tire myself out for flying to Kl on the following day.

Lastly, the definite thing that i must do for these four days is to have sufficient rest and worry less about the work. I think i would still have to work a little bit on Monday and Tuesday, but at least i can do it at the comfort of my own home in JB.

Now, let's start the long weekend by resting my brain a bit through reading some senseless comics. Heh.


there is no need to stamp on your new passport anymore... just do a transfer online and print out that slip will do...

ah, hope i'm not late to wish for your tomorrow game ..


by the way, you need singpass to do the online transfer.


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