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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Late night in KL

Flew to KL this morning from JB.

Just returned to my hotel room at around 12.40am.

It's not that i worked till so late. We actually had a karaoke session today as a farewell (again) for two of the guys who will be leaving our company tomorrow, one of whom is my team member.

Most of the colleagues in our department attended, and there were in total about 15 persons. I was forced to sing a song, as all of them kept asking me to sing and even picked songs for me.

Actually i felt very uncomfortable singing in front of so many people whom i am not that close with (i only go to karaoke with family and close friends). I don't sing well because i do not have a good voice, and i am also not the type of person who listens to a lot of songs or music. Anyway, i think i had done my part to be a good sport despite my lousy singing.

I had a good time listening to them singing and kidding around, especially we do have a few very good singers among us (one of whom is my little brother colleague). However, the thing about being in a big crowd is that it is a stark contrast to the lonely life i have in SG and the sadness in my heart.

I know i should have enjoyed myself instead of being overshadowed by the sadness, and i did do my best just now. But then, some of the songs happened to be some of the theme songs that i've put up in my blog before and that kinda reminded me of a lot of things. I guess when one is in sorrow, every sad song can become her theme song.

Oh well, i guess i'm being melancholy again. Ups and downs, this is the usual cycle i go through over the days. Perhaps the only consolation is that i've passed the lowest down (i hope), and maybe one day i can stop having the downs and gain peace in my heart.


wah, so late, wonder what time you woke for the next day for work :_. you shouldn't be shy and picked only 1 song 吗, should sing 2-3 more, and pick songs that are funny and venting on work stress :). and demand your colleagues give you clap clap after you've finished.

when you are sad, try to think about other happy moments, like how your dream team won 2nd place in treasure hunt, or your colleagues' jokes and kidding make work lively or things that you can put smile/laugh on yourself, etc etc. you should interject your colleagues don't choose sad songs 吗 when it was a farewell session - not good.

sigh, hope you did not hide in the hotel and cried again. wish your ex-colleague(s) found better career and move on, and you have better substitutes plus less of such (farewell) session but more (project success, parties) celebration in the future :D.

read that you have long weekend again, hope that you think about sad things again :)


arrgh, how come i made such typo! i'm very sorry, regret about it. it should be "hope that you don't think about sad things again". am so sorry about it.

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