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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cute bed sheet

Changed the bed sheet and pillow case in my rented room this evening because i've been away for a week. Mom had bought a new bed sheet for me, and it was my favourite cartoon character, Snoopy.

It looks so childish, but i like it. Yet, unfortunately, it was a bit too small for the mattress i have here. I think it wasn't meant for those thick mattresses, because it couldn't cover the entire sides of the mattress. So i took this picture and then changed the bed sheet again. This Snoopy bed sheet will have to go back to my JB home for the thin mattress that is for the guests.

What a pity.


ah nice. so cute :). oh wait ....

to add little bit more, isn't it nice to have "childish", "cartoonish" and yet funny, cheery, and lightening sheet to inject colors into you :). how can one be still sad with picture of happy snoopy and woodstock the bird. ... so cute!

hmm, maybe you should re-decorate your room by adding more colors as one's mood is actually affected by surroundings, plus, new decoration brings new person into you. if you still feel lonely, try listening to FM, eg MY FM (95.4), oneFM (88.1), 988 (105.7).

Oh! For guest. Well, I think that's me lor!!!!
Said thanks to your mum on my behalf. :p


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