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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Working late

It seems like i've not been back in my office for weeks, but just returned this week and i'm back to working late again.

Uh huh, left office at 10.30pm yesterday, and today was a bit earlier at 9pm.

My already busy workload has just gotten busier after the guy from my team left. I hope to find a replacement soon, and the replacement better be a good team member. One of my existing team members is not meeting our expectation. The quality of his work is unsatisfactory to the rest of us.

I'd have a lot more to talk about this guy, who has been giving us problem and effectively adding more workload on us rather than helping us. But then, it's late now and i still have some "homework" to do, given by our pastor to all the church members -- one devotional passage per day. So i guess i'll have to leave the complaining post to next time.

In the mean time, here are some drawings from angel who aptly fits the post today.

Thanks angel for all the funny drawings. With all your drawings reflecting my life, i would probably have my own comic series soon!


i just left office 1030pm too and reached home 1100pm , and i see the trend in coming days :(.

Haha! I like her drawing too.

huh, today 1045pm but i'm not the last one in office. strange thing (for me) is working can enjoyable if it's like solving puzzles and you already know the formula, and yet a dread when there's pressure and stress of deadline and to appease bosses. and that makes me hate my job overall (what to do, i need money to pay internet and electricity) :(

sigh, it's correct to say most people thoughts are filled with negatives - i wanted to draw positive things about work so you don't be moody, but it seemed i have failed to do so (sorry about that :b). maybe you should write about positive in work-lah so i can get some idea, and apply the same technique in work too :).


supposed to be sunday strip and i'm late again. i think i'm getting overboard each time .... cheers.

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