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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unusual night

Left office at around 9.45pm but only got on to a cab 20 min later.

My office is centrally located and it is always easy to get a cab. Yet today, there was a long queue at the taxi stand - queue of passengers and not cabs, unlike the normal days when there are always cabs lining up for passengers.

Not only there was this bizarre situation about the cabs, but even the 3G connection is behaving strangely. I can't connect to Blogger on iPhone while i'm on the cab, which again is the first time I'm encountering this. Then it means that I will only get to post this when I'm back at my rented room.

So there must be something unusual about today. My guess is probably the same as yours - it must be the World Cup.

Uh huh, the taxi uncles must be all gathering at some kopitium now, cheering on for a team, most probably Netherlands or Japan.

For those who are on the move, or at a place without a cable tv, may probably be logging on to some sites via 3G, watching an online streaming video or reading the most updated news by refreshing the web page every few seconds.

Seriously, I can never figure out the joy and excitement in watching a few adult men chasing after a ball on a big field. How this is beyond me is pretty much like how men can never figure out the joy and satisfaction women get from shopping and gossiping chatting.

Talk about shopping, i've submitted a leave application for this Friday. I intend to take a day off to go shopping since the Great Singapore Sales is on now. Weekends are out for me since i gotta return to JB, and furthermore the crowd on weekends make shopping an unpleasant experience. On weekdays, i do not think i'll ever get to leave office early to go shopping, nor do i have the energy to do that after work anyway.

See, again, i guess guys can never figure out why woman would do that, taking leave off work just to go shopping, as much as i won't be able to figure out why some guys will take leave and spend countless sleepless nights following the matches.


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you posted before the match and guess what, netherlands and japan won! let's take another guess - brazil or N.K? :)
i was listening fm the other day discussing people willing to take leaves for world cup and there's this caller said his colleague resigned his job for the sake to watch the match (that's crazy!). and i have known girl friends who fascinated with football too. sometimes i also wonder what's so captivating of men chasing after a ball, but occasionally drawn to the game because of peers, sports nature, tactical display, fast and furious, perseverance, what's more comical managers quotes and expressions, especially the way TNP put it. unfortunately most matches are not like that. maybe you should add why men rather stay awake and don't watch reruns...
no matter how great singapore sales is, the price surely does not match with malaysia.

I say Brazil.

By the way, i can't connect "fast and furious" with football. To me, the game is actually not fast pace enough. I prefer basketball match with non-stop actions.

For branded stuff, we do get good bargain during the GSS.

wow, you're right again. brazil won! :)

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