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Monday, June 14, 2010

Random updates

Spent the weekend finished reading a long Chinese novel i downloaded from iTune to my iPhone. That somehow strained my eyes.

It has been quite a while since i really read anything this long, and found the long-forgotten pleasure in reading again. Nowadays, i normally only read magazines on the MRT or read the Bible when at home. There are tons of books in the closet, which i had bought for a long time (some even more than a year!) and haven't read yet.

The same goes for my blog; there are tons of outstanding posts that i've procrastinated for so long that i couldn't even remember what i wanted to write already. Perhaps it's time to rekindle my passion in writing and reading again.

Was browsing the photo albums of a friend on my Facebook and came across her wedding photos. I clicked through a few pictures and decided to stop torturing myself with it when i started to feel the slowly increasing heartache. I do not want to be reminded of the wedding photos that i've never taken, or the broken marriage that had broken my heart as well.

One day, i know for sure, i will be able to look though any wedding albums without feeling something piercing through my heart. Until then, i guess i can only avoid it like the plague.


Seems the pinpin i looked up is going to back on track. Look forward of your cheery and resourceful writings! Maybe not so much of rants but more positive and inspirational, and share knowledge of your readings too :).
i trust you someday, not so soon but eventually you too can overcome this "plague". pinpin boleh? pinpin boleh!

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