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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pressing on

Progressing slowly. Still have about 30 pages to go.

Somehow, after i've made revision to the document, it is now at 72 pages in total. I think by the time i get it all done, it may be close to 100 pages.

Am having very bad headache now, but still gotta carry on to finish this off. I know i can do it. It's mind over matter.

I just hope that i would not end up getting sick or too tired that i can't go shopping tomorrow and then wasted a day of leave sleeping in my rented room.


you go, girl! 加油. and avoid saying frequently "works to death" (including this you have uttered twice. no good, no good). and don't take so much paracetamol, it can kill rabbit.

by the way, don't you need to write a report that is so long? i thought a good report is a report that is clear, concise and easy to understand and read. even if it's long, it'd be mostly charts and pictures and diagrams.

enjoy your shopping tomorrow, don't waste that leave of yours :)


if (tired)
go take a rest;
work = rubbish;

// end

cheers :)

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