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Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally done

Finally, i'm done with that painstaking assignment. The document stood at 75 pages when i completed it.

No, in case you are wondering, i do not feel any sense of ecstatic job satisfaction at all, not even a teeny-weeny bit. All i feel now is a great relief, besides extreme exhaustion of course.

I've been working for almost 15 hours straight for today, with only very short breaks in between (for having quick meals, taking bath and toilet breaks). And i'm not even gonna count the hours from yesterday.

Try sleeping for less than 5 hours and then staring at the screen while typing away for this long, you will probably feel the same as what i'm feeling now -- nauseating headache, aching on my neck and shoulders, painful eyeballs and blurry vision. Oh, and did i mention slight depression too? I am feeling miserable somehow.

I so need to go to bed now.


today you can go shopping all your hearts out lor. off your phone or swap SIM card so your boss can't reach you :)

Ya! Really would appreicate they don't "diturb" us during our holiday except it's really damn urgent.
Received a few call + sms from my colleague yesterday when still in Shanghai. Asking me something which I think it's pointless to contact me, since I'm thousand miles away, and can't do anything at all. it's just a waste of my $$$$ (roaming damn expensive, don't they know?????)
I'm so angry. And disappointed with their problem solving skill. :(

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