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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Very tired

Got back to my rented place at around 10.30pm. Uh huh, i'm still in SG. Will return to JB tomorrow.

Ok, i am staying in SG till Saturday for this weekend not because of shopping. I have something on tomorrow, and i'm gonna blog about it in another post, but that will be tomorrow.

In fact, i'll not blog about the shopping spree today either, because i really ought to get to bed ASAP.

Am having a headache now, and i gotta get up at 5am tomorrow, which means that i'm gonna have less than 5 hours of sleep again. It's gonna be a busy day for me tomorrow, and my exhaustion accumulated from the many days before is only getting worse. I'm just doing my best to hang in there, even though i've been having this feeling that i may pass out anytime.

Again, i keep telling myself, "mind over matter".


don't tell that you have to go to work on sat.

you better take a good rest on weekend, don't push yourself so hard. and i thought you are so tired that you don't have mind to focus other things. all you need is nice sleep (and you should get bigger snoopy sheet).

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