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Monday, June 28, 2010

Random updates

It will be back to my office at SG tomorrow. It's gonna be such a drag for me, a person who has lost all the motivation and drive for her work.

Anyway, am gonna do some random updates here.

LF came to stay with me at the hotel in KL last week. It was kinda like a mini holiday for here, even though there weren't really much for her to do except shopping and resting in the hotel room. I got a company too after work for dinner and to shop around as well.

Had finally done the performance progress review with the underperformer on last Friday. I still couldn't bring myself to be very harsh and was beating around the bush until even he couldn't take it anymore and told me to tell him whatever that was on my mind directly, as he could take any feedback. So i did, in a tactful way of course.

A lot were said and i don't know how much really got registered into his mind and what impact, if at all, those words had on him. I ended the session by telling him that i wanna see improvement by next one to two months; otherwise, i'd have to issue a warning letter already. Hope he could get the seriousness of the situation and really get his acts together.

Went to Compass Point to buy groceries today and saw a very long queue at Singapore Pools. I thought everyone was lining up to bet on the World Cup (maybe some where), but then i overheard people saying that there was a 5 million dollars lottery prize to be won and hence the long queue. Everybody thinks of becoming rich overnight; everybody hopes for a windfall in life that could let them retire early.

Yeah, it would be really neat if i could have 5 million dollars too, but i know this is a sum that i would never get in my life and i do not harbour the wishful hope that i could get it through lottery. I used to think that but now i know how wrong it was for me to cast my hope in that game of chance. For any money that i need and want, i'd have to earn it myself. Furthermore Christians should not gamble; whoever calls himself a Christian and yet does not even hesitate a wee bit when using his hard-earned money to buy that few pieces of lotto tickets, i seriously do not know how he can justify himself when he has to face the Heavenly Father one day.

Just as i'm typing this, there were intermittent cheering noise from the neighbourhood. I'm not following the World Cup closely, so am not sure who's playing who tonight. I only heard from the news that this seems to be the year for the underdog.

I'm contemplating of taking a half-day leave this week to go shopping, again. Uh huh, didn't get what i wanted on the last shopping spree, and didn't get anything either during my trip to KL last week. Hmm, perhaps i should really do so, just so that i can get the things that i seriously need to replace.


huh, i was worrying you give up blogging. thank goodness you still around :). well, you know what - tonight match is interesting as it's germany vs england and the former won with 4-1. and there's dramatic event too, which probably why led to cheering. let's see if this year winner be the europeans or south americans....

why don't you get a dslr and pick up photography? snapping photos are more convenient today where you can "delete" and re-snap pictures againw waiting films to develop.


i never draw based on WC theme.... but then it's quite negative.

by the way, asians are all out, now left with ghana if they can create history.

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