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Monday, June 28, 2010


A few of our friends are gonna buy some luxury watches together in order to enjoy a good discount from a shop.

LF accompanied me to the TAG Heuer boutique at The Gardens last week. I tried a few on and decided on one that is within my budget and also looks nice on me. The only thing that kinda pulls me back on getting it is that it is a golf watch designed by Tiger Woods.

First of all, i no longer like Tiger Woods, a guy who cheated on his wife over and over again. Secondly, i have given up playing golf already, and it's kinda strange to get a golf watch when i don't play golf anymore.

Anyway, i checked out the watch at TAG Heuer Website, and now i can't decide on the color.

I wonder which one is better... Hmm, perhaps i should try out the real thing again, or maybe check out other brands.


personally, I would never recommend anyone Tag Heuer as it is more of a fashion watch than a top class time piece. For similar budget, an Omega would seem to be a better choice. But again, that's just my personal choice.

personally prefer metal wristband than plastic or leather.

second Fat4. Try Omega or if you have more budget, Zenith or Rolex would be a good choise. I bet you will never look back.

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