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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Replacement found

We've made the employment offer to a candidate today and he accepted it verbally. We are now in the process of preparing the offer letter.

Finally, after weeks of recruitment, we managed to get a replacement. I'm not sure if this person is as good as the one who left, but he is already the best among all the candidates. He's very experience and a technical lead in his current company as well. And because of that, coupled with the pay he asked for, we have to offer him the consultant role instead of specialist.

Nothing is confirmed until the day he reports to work. I mean, i've seen so many cases of candidates changed their minds because the current employer counter-offered. Some even were after having signed the appointment letter.

Anyway, this guy gotta serve 3 months notice, and after deducting his annual leave, he will only join us in mid-September. That is still a long time, and until then, i guess all of us just have to do more and work harder.

Now i just hope that he is not as what Angel has depicted in the comics.


wah, the moment i posted comic on interviews, the news came out. yup, nothing is confirmed until he stepped into the company. i still remember my current company was too aggressive to take me in by offering to compensate my ex-comp and they said it's not their policy to sit and wait if i to change mind. but then, i was too adamant to leave my ex comp that i became stupid and lost more money by taking the new offer (bonus+salary+compensation cause i didn't agree to join on given date).... let you sneak peak on one of my critical weak - http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/8582/timetable.jpg

3 months notice is too long and uncommon, moreover it invites more uncertainties. plus, time is money. hopefully the decision turns out to be wise and great one :). don't worry, the characters in my drawing only happens in comic world.

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