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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Commotion just now

Gosh, finally, it's back to peace and quiet now.

Just about an hour ago, there were a raging mother, a weeping 10-year-old, a wailing 7-year-old, and a frightened maid in the living room.

Oh, and there was also a troubled tenant stuck in her rented room, feeling awkward to walk out of the room even though it was already late and she hadn't bathed yet.

Uh huh, my landlady was caning and scolding her two children just now. Yes, again.

I really feel for my landlady, while at the same time admire her perseverance. Sometimes i think to myself, if i were in her shoe, i would probably have a mental break-down already.

It's not easy to be a single mother. She works till very late everyday and yet she's not able to get a good rest when she reaches home. She gotta worry about the two defiant kids all the time. I can see that as the two girls get older, the situation seems to be getting more out of hand. A few years more when the kids get into the rebellious age, scolding and beating may have no effect anymore. I really wonder what she is gonna do then.

And where's the man who should also be responsible for the kids?

Well, my landlady husband's has already re-married and doesn't really seem to care much about them. I've been here for a year and never heard him calling the kids (the girls would call him up sometimes instead). He only sees them like every 3 months or even longer, and he sometimes doesn't even pay the alimony until my landlady is tired of asking from him anymore. That sure is one irresponsible man.

So, my landlady gotta work so hard to feed the family and to take care of the children, who apparently do not understand what kind of hardships their mother is going through for them. I feel sad for my landlady. I really hope that the kids can be more sensible, study well and ease my landlady's burden of having to worry for them. Yet, they are doing the exact opposite.

There's a sad story under every roof. And in this house, with me included, it's not just one sad story, but many.


what's worse is kids being short sightedly would look their mum as tormentor,stubborn, nuisance, ignorant, and think their dad somekind of saviour and would be much better than their mom. hopefully one day the kid(s) would realize such nonsense, sense knocks into them and understand perseverance. some friends i knew were like that - rebellious in the young and matured when studied in univ and moved to working world. indeed they should be exposed to harsh reality that nobody would care if they don't care about themselves. it would be too late to regret then.

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