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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Updates in short

In SG. On the cab now.

Went shopping at Orchard. Got something this time

Took a bus back to office to pick up my laptop. Missed the stop and ended up at a wrong place. Went to the opposite road and took the same bus number back. Saw an accident when passed by Little India. A car crashed into a shop.

Will go back to JB tomorrow afternoon.


ah, how come like that? must be a bad day. once i supposed to alight at jurong east but ended up asleep in MRT and the train traveled back to YCK. and once i took the wrong bus which supposed to be at opposite stop.

nowadays young people not only drives very fast but also reckless. haizzz...

I missed the stop because the Google Map on my iPhone gave me the wrong directions. According to the map, the bus would take a different route and i was waiting for the bus to go in that direction, but then it didn't happen and i ended up at the wrong place.

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