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Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday's dinner

The farewell dinner on Monday night ended around 10pm. Well, it didn't exactly end but a few of us left first while the big shots were still ordering more red wine. I was there for the food anyway, so I couldn't wait to leave after the dinner.

The exact venue of the dinner was Barracks Cafe, The House @ Dempsey Hill. My Singaporean colleagues told me that this restaurant was transformed from a former army camp, which could dated back to WWII. I then jokingly said that there must be ghosts around there because anything from the WWII should be haunted.

The food was ok even though all dishes were in small serving. We were joking about how the food gotta be served in small portion otherwise it wouldn't be called fine dining. The serving was ok for me since I take light dinner, but it wasn't filling for the guys.

Here are some pictures taken with my iPhone:

The function room

Nice decor outside of the restaurant

Menu for the night

Cocktail before the meal - very nice fruit juice with minty taste

Salad: Baked brie with fruit relish served with bread basket - this is nice except the salad sauce was a bit too sour for my liking

Soup: White bean cappuccino with duck meat. Dollop of herb oil served with crispy garlic crostini - there wasn't really any taste of coffee, and it was too creamy that i only finished half the bowl

Main course: Slow baked marinated morocco spiced baby boneless chicken with roasted broccolini, wild berries cornpote paired with blood orange yoghurt - the chicken was nicely done, but the serving was small

Dessert: Triple chocolate brownie - i didn't eat it at all, as i do not like anything of chocolaty flavour (but i like chocolate itself)


er, the big shot belanja? the place has nice view anyway :)

Haha! All the dishes look nice.
Now I understand why male wouldn't feel full.
The soup have to be creamy, so that can made you feel full what! ^-^

The food doesn't look nice to me. There were many such restaurant with lousy food, service and ambiance, yet charge fine dining price. Haiz.

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