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Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the cab

Heading "home" now.

Left office at around 8pm and then walked to Bugis Junction. Uh huh, went shopping again but ended up empty-handed. Didn't get anything at all, but at least I got to walk around a bit.

I was working from "home" for the past two days and didn't even step out of my rented place at all. That also means I just had instant noodles and junk food for meals. So to go wandering around at the shopping centre and feel the crowd a bit actually did me good, otherwise I'd become a real nerd very soon.

Talking about the crowd, boy oh boy, was it crowded just now. I saw the banners hanging around the mall, with something about autograph session of Jay Chow, and I saw a stage too but it was so crowded around it that I couldn't see who were on stage. If it was really the superstar himself, I guess I've missed the chance to see him in real person. Oh well, I'm too old for this celebrity chasing thingy already anyway.

Two more days to go. I can't wait for this weekend.


ah, jay chou in singapore (autograph session 7pm at bugis junction), i'm not even aware that. in fact i'm not even aware today's already 20+ July and i still have a lot of things in work cannot meet target. and the moment i looked at the clock shows 3pm, did programming and looked again the clock and it's 5pm. time really passes fast. but don't you get distraction if you're working from home?

one thing i like about jay is he's real genius composing his own songs and a truly talented superstar. how i wish if i can get his autograph (and photograph with him) too ....

I actually can concentrate better and am more productive by working form home than to work in office. Just too bad that my boss isn't the type who supports the idea of working from home.

I do think Jay is a talented artiste too, and it's really a pity that i didn't get to see him that day because of the crowd.

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