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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random updates

So it seems that my blog posting is getting irregular again. Well, that's because i'm not in the mood of doing much recently.

In fact, work productivity has been low as well. On some days, i don't even switch on my laptop after i get back from work, which is a very rare situation if you know me.

Then what am i doing really?

I've been spending time reading some novels i downloaded to my iPhone. Reading is good, as it nourishes my mind and stir my thoughts. The downside is that i'm reading off an illuminating display for extended hours. With this rate i'm going, i'll probably go blind in a few years time.

Anyway, let's do some random updates here.

Had a ladies' night out on Friday night. Ting and LF came in to SG to run some errands. I met them up after work and we went shopping around a bit. Then we drove to Holland Village and had a drink at one of the pubs. It was great having a relaxing time with friends on a Friday night. It has been ages since we did this, and we couldn't help but lamented the passing of our youth and how true is the saying, "time and tide wait for no man" -- more so for women i guess; look at the increasing amount of products we put onto our face and you will know what i mean.

It was already past 1am when i reached my home in JB. Ting sent me back and so mom didn't have to come into SG to fetch me.

Went to a new beauty salon for my facial on Saturday. The one that i had been patronising wasn't good at all, but i had been going there for more than a year, as i was too occupied to look for another one. To prove my point about how bad the old one was, the beautician of the new salon, after checking my complexion, asked me if i've not been doing my facial for quite long already, when i actually did so almost every month. See, i guess i've been wasting my money away for the past years.

Talk about money, i'm rather troubled about it lately. I am about to part with quite a substantial sum and i gotta convince myself to do it willingly. That's gonna be another story to tell, so i guess i'll leave it to another day.


hmm, it's not good to say yourself going to blind, just like you said die of fatigue (though i always say die-lor when unable to deliver in schedule). maybe you should put that reading with such illumination makes you tired easily and get better sleep. and, no-lah, you won't going to blind, i've been staring computer for 10-12 hours straight 5 days a week and i'm not wearing glasses.

ah, today's post (or should say sunday or saturday)...



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