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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still undecided

I'm still contemplating on whether to get myself a DSLR or to fix my myopia with LASIK surgery.

Actually i can afford both, but as mentioned previously, there will be an outflow of my saving of a rather substantial amount, so i really gotta be prudent in my spending.

Of course, i can choose not to spend money on either. I can always take pictures with my iPhone (even though the quality isn't good), and i can continue wearing my glasses and contact lenses (even though inconvenient). Then i can save the money for other purposes.

But then, i also ask myself if i really wanna "live below my means" in this way. Hmm, really undecided.

Anyway, Angel has drawn up some comics based on my post on vanity. Her drawings always make me wish that i could have such artistic talent in me too, and then i would most probably blog with drawing rather than writing.


Hmm, i thought you were using digital compact camera when snapping pictures of your travel, i did not realize it was iphone. anyway, they were nice taken photos :). Luxury watch is tempting, but i'm not the person who is going to spend large proportion of my income for accessories, though i'm quite envious of my friends wearing nice expensive watch (and carrying smartphones). For person who is seriously contemplating photography and passionate about it, i would suggest yes to DSLR. Well, no point of using lousy equipment with frustration when best tool not only serves better training but also produces brilliant result and motivates the passion. It's good to pick up an interest, but then, if you are unsure and worry the DSLR might collecting dust, why not opt for a second-hand. There's Cash Converter in AMK, just next to Maybank, i think there's one too in Toa Payoh and be sure you have a friend to guide you too. And don't say lah no to 2nd hand items for the sake of penny wise. Or maybe you should hang out with your photographer friends and tumpang their camera, maybe then you'd realize you need one indeed. Ah, i don't want to douse the fire in you for photography, just my point of view.

You've been wearing disposable contact lens. Let's see, 1 box for 1 month costs about RM100 - 120. 1 year would be RM1200 - RM1440. And wearing spectacles won't make you pretty but geek. LASIK may cost about RM3k - RM5k (SG, i don't know), and after that - say no more to cumbersome lens and glasses. More importantly no more holidays ruined by your own carelessness and mishaps (that's very very important)! If you can tap Medisave in SG for the surgery, you can still able to maintain liquidity for other expenses. And, like what is described by the "famous blogger", isn't cool you wake up and see things crystal clear. Of course you gotta STOP crying!

HEy, you are a Project Manager, you gotta have to make WISE decision! i know i know, it's easy for me to say all these when it's not my money that at stake. Actually, i have been very indecisive in person too. Frugality is part of my attribute. I always worry about having regrets in spending unnecessarily and this makes me missed a lot of things and wasted lots of time picking up skill with improper frustrated tools and incorrect methods . Sigh, making choices, includes not doing anything, indeed part of complexity in life .

ok ok, after long comments, my advise is DSLR on hold and go for LASIK. Stay cheers ^_^.

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