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Monday, August 02, 2010

The past weekend

Touched down at Senai Airport on Friday night at around 10.40pm. To my surprise, i was directed to a different exit this time.

Finally, the construction at the airport was completed. I can't really remember how long this entire face-lift project took, but it seems to be more than a year already. Here's a glimpse of the hall:

The shops were still not open yet, as i didn't see any signs for the shops. I guess there will still be some time before the entire thing is finally completed.

Our group of friends had a gathering again on Saturday. We had a sumptuous dinner at Siang's home on Saturday night. She made sushi and okonomiyaki for us, with some of the ingredients brought back all the way from Japan. My mom went with me too, as she wanted to see Siang and her little girl, and to learn some Japanese cooking as well.

Siang's mom also made some kuih and fried noodles, plus fried wanton from Ting's mom, fishballs from Sui and junk food from me, i really stuffed myself silly that evening. How i hoped i have 4 stomachs so that i could eat more, because the food was simply too yummilicious!

(I didn't take any pictures of the food because i no longer have a camera anymore, and iPhone does not have a built-in flash and is no good for indoor photography.)

Siang's little girl seemed to pick up Mandarin very fast. Last weekend when we were at Desaru, she still had difficulties understanding some of the words; but this week, she could speak rather fluently! I'm really amazed by the learning ability of little kids.

We have more things planned for the coming long weekend as well. I hope this week can pass by quickly.


4 stomachs? oh no, don't tell you wanna be a cow?

kuih, wanton, fishballs from your friends, and yet you brought "junk" food, what ler...

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